Design and Develop HTML5-based Mobile Apps

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All the tools you need for multi-device app development

As a mobile developer, you need to build powerful, multi-device apps with a rich user experience for your customers. To build these apps, you rely on your tools to help you get from concept to distribution quickly and efficiently.

Sencha Touch Bundle is the industry’s first HTML5 product suite that provides mobile developers with the frameworks and tools they need to build touch-based apps in a single, integrated package.

The Sencha Touch Bundle evaluation includes:

  • Sencha Architect – The ultimate HTML5 visual app builder
  • Sencha Touch – A powerful mobile app development platform
  • Sencha Eclipse Plugin – Efficient code editing features
  • Sencha Touch Grid – View and modify tabular data
  • Sencha Touch Charts – Rich, interactive HTML5 charts
  • Sencha Mobile Packaging – Device API and native wrapping

See how Sencha Touch Bundle can help you design and develop cross-platform, touch-based apps. Start your 30-day evaluation now!

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Sencha Touch is, hands down, the most advanced JavaScript framework to date and will revolutionize the way everyone develops HTML5 mobile applications.”

Jay Garcia
Modus Create