Try Sencha Test 2.2 Early Access

Create robust unit and end-to-end tests that help you deliver quality apps

We’re excited to announce that Sencha Test 2.2 Early Access is now available. It includes new features that simplify test creation, defect management and results storage.

In this release, we've designed a new way to visualize the test code and focus on one test case at a time. This new feature helps teams organize tests more effectively and easily take advantage of many other capabilities, including reordering tests via drag and drop, searching and jumping to a specific test in a file, and more importantly, creating an empty test case, launching Inspector, identifying components from the application, and building a test case.

New features in Sencha Test 2.2 Early Access:
  • Support for ExtReact: write application (end-to-end) tests for ExtReact apps
  • Select and use unique locators by using the DOM Tree directly from Sencha Studio
  • Create and use Page Objects to build robust tests for web applications
  • Visualize tests using a tree view and focus on the test under construction

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