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The combined power of Windows Azure and Sencha Touch will help you deliver and scale your apps faster.

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Sencha Icon I know Sencha Touch, but what is Azure?
  • Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform
  • Built on a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters
  • Enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications
  • Works with any language, tool or framework
Azure Icon I know Azure, but what is Sencha Touch?
  • The Sencha Touch Bundle is a complete mobile app development solution
  • Built on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 web standards
  • Enables you to build robust apps that will work on the most devices
  • Build mobile web apps that rival native apps in performance and user experience

Windows Azure Benefits

Azure’s cloud service is fully integrated with the latest versions of Sencha Touch via the NEW Sencha Touch Extensions for Windows Azure. The extensions make it easy to integrate data, authentication, push notifications and storage and are consumable from both Sencha Architect and Sencha Cmd.

Start Building Your First App

Why Azure?

54% of Fortune 500 companies already use Azure
Backed by Microsoft, users know the applications are reliable, scalable and secure
Extensions were jointly, custom-built by Sencha and Azure teams
Azure has an extensive developer resource center with documentation, tools and support

Sencha Touch Bundle Benefits

Sencha Touch Bundle enables you to build touch-based apps and connect them to your existing Azure backend via the NEW Sencha Touch Extensions for Windows Azure. You can easily integrate your mobile applications with familiar Windows Azure capabilities, such as Data (simple table), Authentication, Push Notification & Storage (blob and table).

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Why Sencha?

Over 2 million developers worldwide use Sencha products
Sencha is a leader in the HTML5 space delivering award winning products such as Sencha Touch
Over 50% of the Fortune 100 companies are Sencha customers
Sencha is a venture-backed company with global technical support and professional services
Sencha Touch won InfoWorld’s 2013 Technology of the Year Award
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