Move from Flex to HTML5 and Sencha

Learn how to build powerful, plug-in free desktop and mobile web apps for any platform

Looking for the next step after Flex? Sencha has the desktop and mobile frameworks that give you a smooth migration to HTML5 application development. Developing with Sencha frameworks feels familiar: similar to Flex, you build apps from classes, components and JavaScript.  And with Sencha cross-browser fidelity, you keep the pixel perfect rendering that you’ve always loved with Flex.  Best of all, Sencha provides you with the professional-grade tools, training, support and documentation that you need for your most important development projects.

Free ActionScript to JavaScript & Sencha Migration Guide

Sencha for Flex

When combined with Sencha, Flex knowledge and skills can be easily applied to HTML5 application development.

Screencast: Moving from Adobe Flex to HTML5 & Sencha

With HTML5, it is now possible to create a sleek, modern web application that is accessible from any browser, desktop, and mobile device.

Learn how to easily move from ActionScript to JavaScript, HTML5 & Sencha. Download our free ActionScript to JavaScript Migration Guide

Sencha is our vendor of choice for JavaScript frameworks. Ext JS and Sencha Touch are well architected, cleanly extensible, and offer a solid foundation for any serious JavaScript development.”

Yakov Fain
Managing Director & Partner
Farata Systems

Sencha frameworks provide a solid transition for Flex developers who want to get productive with HTML5.”

Brett Cortese
President & CEO
of Universal Mind

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