Ext JS Grid + React = UX Heaven
Ext JS + React: A Match Made in UX Heaven

Using the Extensive Ext JS Component Library with React Apps

React can be used to build user interfaces (UIs) for web apps, but React developers have to provide the components to build the UI. Building a component library is time consuming, has integration and maintenance risks, and gets in the way of actually building the app.

Fortunately, there's a better way. Sencha has been building robust components since 2007 as part of the powerful Ext JS framework. React developers can now use Ext JS components in their React apps using the new Ext JS Reactor.


Using Ext JS components with React has many advantages:

  • Ext JS provides all of the components an enterprise application needs including infinite grid, pivot grid, charts, buttons, windows, and forms  see all components in the Kitchen Sink example
  • Components can be themed together and can easily interact with each other because they share a common architecture
  • Components are professionally tested and maintained
  • Ext JS also includes a complete layout system